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Art d'expressar, de traduir en forma concreta, el contingut espiritual propi, mitjançant paraules disposades segons unes determinades lleis mètriques.

NERD: A nerd, in simple definition, is a person with poor social skills who is very intelligent and creative. Although the word "Nerd" has only been recently used, the species has been around for centuries.

They are persecuted because of their "social deficiency" and intelligence. However, true nerds do not care about this, since they have their own sense of what is cool.

They tend to be loners and egotistical people who embed themselves in things such as computer skills, art, music, books, plays etc to make up for their lack of status.

Although a nerd may have a few non-nerd associates, the nerd's only true friends will be other nerds; and additionally, nerds have only been known to mate with their own species.